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Municipality announces Outdoor Recreation Resource online map

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(Fort McMurray, AB – August 22, 2019) – The Municipality is announcing a new online map tool to search for municipally owned and operated outdoor recreation resources available to the public across the region.

Visit to view three maps that break down municipal resources by theme including children’s activities, recreation, and sports/athletic fields.

There are dozens of outdoor recreation resources across the region, including spray parks, skating rinks, trails, sports fields, athletic equipment, seasonal resources, and more. Find outdoor recreation resources near you, and stay up to date on when resources open or close.

Sometimes the Municipality needs to do work to keep outdoor recreation resources running. Visit the map to view maintenance notices, seasonal updates, or any additional information that you may need to know before heading outdoors.

With the changing seasons, this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the maps at As it gets colder, spray parks will be closing down, and skating season will be ramping up. Stay up to date, and enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Residents can also contact Pulse to report an issue or ask a question about outdoor recreation resources. Contact Pulse at 780-743-7000, or toll free at 1-800-973-9663. Use Pulse online at to upload photos or pinpoint locations on Google Maps.