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RMWB Bylaw Services launches Good Neighbour initiative

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(Fort McMurray, AB – April 29, 2019) – Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Bylaw Services is pleased to introduce the Good Neighbour resource guide to residents of the region.

The Good Neighbours guide provides residents with an overview of bylaws, considerations and best practices for being a good neighbour and working collaboratively with other residents in Wood Buffalo.

“The motto for our Good Neighbour campaign is Good Neighbours Make Great Neighbourhoods, and I strongly believe this to be true,” said RMWB Mayor Don Scott. “Promoting good neighbour practices contributes to a sense of safety, camaraderie, home and belonging, while reducing issues that can create friction in communities.”

By informing the public of “good neighbour” considerations, residents will be better equipped to avoid concerns, conflicts or complaints in their respective neighbourhoods. Residents will also be equipped with information to improve their own communities and build relationships with their neighbours. Additionally, the guide serves to inform and educate residents about some of the municipal bylaws governing neighbourhood issues.

To view the Good Neighbour guide or for more information, visit