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Fort McMurray, Alberta: The ADFA North Zone Acting Out - One Act Theatre Festival is coming to the Keyano Recital Theatre on April 13!

The ADFA provides the venue, audience, and adjudicator; local theatre artists provide the play, director, actors, and set. There are 3 plays showcased this year, one being an original piece. The Adult One Act Play Festivals provide local amateur theatre artists with an opportunity to showcase their work and for the region’s vibrant arts community to explore new ideas. Join us on Saturday, April 13 at 6 PM, at the Keyano Recital Theatre. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at

For those familiar with the Fort McMurray theatre scene, there will be plenty of recognizable faces on stage during this festival!

Theatre; Just Because is pleased to present two pieces in the festival this year to celebrate their 5 year anniversary: What Time Does the 3 O’Clock Parade Start? and Mere Mortals.

What Time Does the 3 O’Clock Parade Start? is written and directed by long-time local performer Mike Jones, marking his first time behind the table and pen! The sun rises on a theme park, the morning after a wild staff party. As nothing seems to go right, the park owner Keith and his colourful staff battle an overzealous French woman, nosy bloggers, impromptu inspections and malfunctioning rides in this hilarious farce! Parade features Zachary Barrett, Hilary Talbot, Alexandra Durocher, Aleaha Frigon, Holly Snow, Matt Salem, Sheri Reed, Jim Geary, Gabriel Synman, and Samson Naud.

Mere Mortals is written by David Ives, an ever-popular playwright at the festival. Director Ashley Friemark returns to Fort McMurray after being away for several years, jumping right back into the theatre community! This zany comedy eavesdrops on a lunch hour as three construction workers share increasingly amazing secrets of their past, and features Jon Q-Pid, Justin Shaw, and Diana Moser.

Two-time ADFA regional festival Outstanding Director winner Hanna Fridhed returns with The Myths and Bricks Project by Dustin Robert Blakeman, a one person play featuring Zenon Campbell. A man sits in a room, his only companion a brick that refuses to speak. Unfaltering, he tells it stories of life and love, disappointment and disillusionment, comedy and tragedy, all the while aspiring for one simple commodity: an answer.

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About the ADFA: The Alberta Drama Festival Association (ADFA) is a non-profit umbrella organization for adult amateur drama activity in the province of Alberta. Ten different regions of the province each organize an annual Regional One Act Play Festival where local theatre artists are given the opportunity to independently produce and showcase their work. From these festivals, one production is chosen by an adjudicator to represent each region at the annual Provincial One Act Play Festival.

Contact: Hanna Fridhed ADFA North Zone (780) 531 5818