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Keyano Huskies claim ACAC Men's Volleyball Championships GOLD

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To put things in perspective, regarding the Keyano College Huskies and Lethbridge College Kodiaks playing in the 2018-2019 Sutton Place Hotel Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC)  Men’s Volleyball Championships gold medal game today.

Whereas Keyano Huskies has medaled three of the last years, the last time the Lethbridge Kodiaks were on the top of the podium, the Big Mac had yet to appear on the menu.

Man had yet to land on the moon.

The year was 1968-1969.

With two silver and one bronze in the trophy case (past results below) the Huskies were in search of gold.

In the last three years they saw the following results:

2017-2018  ACAC Silver Medal  SAIT 3 - KC 0 (25-20, 25-24, 27-25)

2016-2017 ACAC Bronze Medal  SAIT 3 - KC 0 (25-20, 25-24, 27-25)

2015-2016  ACAC Silver Medal   RDC 3 - KC 1 (25-19, 25-23, 17-25, 25-12)

This time around the opponent would not be SAIT (4 previous ACAC titles) or Red Deer (18 previous ACAC titles) but as mentioned above, the Lethbridge Kodiaks.

Last year Lethbridge placed 4th at the provincials held in Medicine Hat, losing out to Briercrest  (22-25, 25-18, 25-21, and 25-23).

In the 2018-2019 tournament the Huskies had beat University of Alberta Augustana Vikings in three straight sets 25-18;25-23;25-20 in the semi-final while Kodiaks needed the full five sets to edge the Trojans 25-19;25-20;23-25;24-26;15-6 in the other semi-final match.

Huskies had opened the tournament Thursday putting away Briercrest Clippers 25-16;25-13;25-20 while Lethbridge clipped The Kings University Eagles 26-24;25-18;26-24.

The Huskies would look to the talents of 2018-2019 ACAC North Conference All Star selections Liam Matheson and Justin Delorme.

In the two matches leading up to the title game, they had accumulated  17 kills 5 service aces 10 digs 5 blocks for Matheson and 22 kills 7 digs  2 blocks for Delorme.

Other players who have come up big so far, were Huskies’ 6-foot-7 setter Kelly Woods with a total of 67 assists.

But where the Huskies have really shone, is from the service line where they have totaled, not Jacks, Queens, or Kings but 16 service Aces compared to two for the opposition.

Teammates’ Radoslaw Brzozowski and Don Campbell have each notched six service aces on their belt.

Looking at the Kodiaks stats, which had played two more sets in tournament play, they have jumped their way to 12 service aces of which eight came in their opening match.

Statically wise, only one player has stood out in both matches and that is Carter Hansen with a total of 25 kills, 5 service aces, 7 digs and 4 blocks.

Hansen along with teammates Michael Hummel, Matt Primrose and Dax Whitehead were 2018-2019 ACAC South Conference All Star

But these are just all numbers and stats.

It’s on the hardwood where you win.

You knew it would be a coaching battle as Huskies coach Keegan Khur was named the ACAC North Conference Men’s Volleyball Coach of the Year Wednesday at the banquet while his counterpart Kodiaks’ Greg Gibos was honoured as ACAC South Conference Men’s Volleyball Coach of the Year.



Set 1

Keyano 25  Lethbridge 23

Liam Matheson kill to the left side of the court gives the Huskies a 24-23 lead and possible match point. A Don Campbell block at the net makes it 25-23.

Set 2

Keyano  26   Lethbridge 24

Trading point-for-point, Huskies finally get a two-point advantage 7-5 with Justin Delorme going inside the block. A Levi Bruner tap down makes it 8-5. Huskies jump out 10-6 but are caught on a net violation to bring the Kodiaks within three.

Kodiaks take lead 13-11 after miscommunication between players on the court and Huskies coach Keegan Kuhr calls timeout.  Bigtime block by Whitehead.

Delorme shows his veteran leadership with a kill to make it 20-19. Comes back again to get past Dax Whitehead 22-21.

Huskies back-to-back service errors allow Kodiaks to stay in game. A Carter Hansen spike goes long with Huskies one point away from set 24-22.

Radoslaw Brzozowski service ace for the win.

Set 3

Keyano 25 Lethbridge 18

Back-to-back blocks by Levi Bruner and Delorme, Huskies up 9-4 and Kodiaks call timeout.

Backrow attack with authority by Delorme makes it 10-4.

Huskies looks like they are ready to roll to GOLD.             

Don Campbell BANGO makes it 15-9.

Huskies are ready to roll to GOLD

Delorme kill of block. 17-10.  A Matheson pancake saves the point.

Matheson tip makes it 21-14.

Huskies are rolling to GOLD.

Off the bench Huskies Jeff Dreger service ace 22-14.

Delorme had a game high 16 kills to go along with 12 digs. Hansen had 13 kills for the Kodiaks.

Huskies Matheson is named Tournament MVP.

“I was in shock when the final whistle blew,” said Huskies coach Kuhr. “It is a fantastic feeling. I feel that I may still be in shock.

“The way they executed and the way they played for each other. We got this goal checked off now but we have bigger goals ahead of us.

“Service aces was a key for us and it’s been our mentality all year. Each serve has its own value and that is what we have focused on.”

SAIT Trojans captured the bronze medal beating the University of Alberta Augustana Vikings 5-11;25-22;23-25;25-17.

Huskies advance to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Men’s Volleyball Championships to be held March 6-9, 2019 in Red Deer and hosted by the Red Deer College Kings/Queens.

Curtis J. Phillips Keyano College Huskies Sports Information Officer (780) 743-4853 h (780) 370-5675 c
Keegan Kuhr, Men’s Volleyball head coach (780) 792-9631 c (780) 792-5617 w