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Keyano CEO to continue at helm of Alberta Rural Development Network

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The Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN), a group that works to support and enhance rural development in the province, has a familiar face at its helm.

Keyano College President and CEO Dr. Trent Keough was re-elected as the ARDN Chair in September. He has served in the role since 2012.

A partnership with nine of Alberta’s colleges, and universities, the ARDN combines expertise, ideas and resources to strengthen Alberta’s rural way of life. The network draws on the strengths of diverse organizations, gathers and conducts extensive research, and has deep connections in all regions of the province.

In recent years, the group has been an important champion for the building of affordable housing in rural Alberta.

“I’m honored to be again serving as Chair of this incredible organization. I share the same passion as our board of directors, which is also evident in the work of ARDN employees: these are great people working to improve the lives of others, and whole communities,” said Dr. Trent Keough.

“Seeing grassroots stakeholders solving their own problems, bettering their communities and uplifting the lives of the most vulnerable, drives us to help volunteer groups and communities create opportunities for social improvements.”

ARDN Executive Director Dee Ann Benard says through his role as Chair, Dr. Keough provides valuable leadership for the organization and is an important advocate for rural Alberta.

Most recently, the ARDN launched a project aimed at identifying the number of people who are homeless in rural Alberta. Rural Homelessness Estimation Count Surveys are being conducted throughout the province with the assistance of community and provincial partners.

The count is one of the largest coordinated rural homelessness data collection projects ever undertaken.


For more information contact:
Greg Bennett
Communications Coordinator, Keyano College