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Wood Buffalo Economic Development announces small business recovery programming

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Small business recovery remains a priority for the Municipality as Wood Buffalo Economic Development (WBED) commits to provide continued programing and new initiatives through the Support to Small Business Program.


WBED launches three Support to Small Business Program initiatives:

  1. Keyano College Voucher Program – Eligible recipients of the Canadian Red Cross Support to Small Business Program can qualify for a $500 voucher to be used at Keyano College towards non-credit or certificate courses.
  2. Business Coaching Program - Eligible recipients of the Canadian Red Cross Support to Small Business Program can qualify for one-on-one coaching and advice from a professional Certified Management Consultant (CMC). 
  3. Business Resource Centre, Group Programming – The Business Resource Centre will continue to offer free group programming in the form of workshops and seminars on topics relevant to local businesses and social profits. Events are open to the public.  


Programming is made possible through grant funding provided by the Canadian Red Cross in support of WBED small business recovery efforts following the 2016 Horse River Wildfire.

More information on the Wood Buffalo Economic Development/Business Development Centre and the Support to Small Business Program can be found here: