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Census 2018 deadline extended to July 31

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While the original list of dwellings in the region have been counted, the deadline for Census 2018 has been extended to the end of July to ensure the Municipality can count any dwellings that may have been missed.

“We thank the community for coming together and taking part in our first municipal census since the 2016 Horse River Wildfire,” said Kodjo Efu, project lead. “Our work isn’t done, however, until we can make sure we’ve counted everyone in the region.”

Residents can expect numbers to fluctuate over the coming weeks as the census team finalizes the dwelling count and engages in a thorough quality assurance process.

Census takers will continue going door-to-door. All enumerators can be identified by pink Census 2018 shirts and RMWB credentials.

Municipal census numbers are subject to approval by the province. Official population figures will be shared publicly later this year.


Keep up-to-date on the unofficial count by visiting