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Fort McMurray International Airport Opens the New Updated Patio

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The Fort McMurray Airport Authority has revamped their courtyard space at the Fort McMurray International Airport to create a beautiful garden patio space for both passengers and the public.

Head into the airport and next to the luggage carousels on arrivals level one, you will find the new YMM Courtyard-an extraordinary patio and garden.

The YMM Courtyard is said to be the most beautiful and relaxing patio space in Fort McMurray. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria offers full service lunch and dinner to the patio, and when they are not operating it the patio is still open for guests to use.

To add to the feeling of the space, gardens and a stage have been added to the area. The Airport Authority’s Maintenance team recycled used pallets and crates to create unique garden elements. A stage was added so that performances can take place through the patio season.

President & CEO of the Fort McMurray Airport Authority, RJ Steenstra said, “The courtyard has always been a tranquil space, but it has been underutilized. We were able to identify cost effective minor upgrades to complement the space, improve passenger service and offer the community a great venue for dining and outdoor events.”

Don’t forget that parking at the airport is free for three hours if you spend at least $10 on food through YMM’s Dine & Dash program!