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Annual Fire Fighters Rooftop Campout Rescheduled for May 2-5

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The postponed Rooftop Campout, hosted by the Friends of the Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Association, has been rescheduled for May 2-5 2018.  The campout was previously scheduled for early April.

"Circumstances beyond our control dictated that we needed to temporarily postpone the event”, said Fort McMurray Fire Fighter Association President Rob Van Hecke. "The rooftop campout is one of our largest and most important events as it single-handedly raises more funds for our local charities than any of our other events”, explained Van Hecke.  “Last year, our charities group raised $45k at the Rooftop alone."

Due to other mitigating factors, this year’s campout will run for 75 hours as opposed to the traditional 100 hours, creating an additional challenge to meet the fundraising goal.

"We have received a lot of positive messaging from the community and believe that we can still meet our goal of $40, 000”, said Scott Germain, Chair for the charities group that organizes the event. Germain added: "We raise funds to support the Boys and Girls Club, Fort McMurray SPCA, Wood Buffalo Food Bank, The Centre of Hope, and Waypoints.  We also support Muscular Dystrophy Canada, and Powerchair Canada."

The event begins at 11am on May 2 2018, at the East Village Pub and Eatery in Eagle Ridge, and concludes at 3pm on May 5 2018.  After the opening ceremonies, 5 members of the Fort McMurray Fire Department will climb atop the Tim Hortons roof, where they will eat, sleep, live and collect donations, not coming down until 75 hours has elapsed.  

"Regardless of the weather, we will be up there until it’s done”, said Germain.  

There will be daily events as well as a Pancake Breakfast on May 5 from 9am-noon.  Cash and cheque donations will be gratefully accepted in person at the event and at all Fort McMurray fire halls.   

"As we head into the event this year, we would like to thank the members of the community for their ongoing generosity and support," said Van Hecke. "We look forward to seeing the community come out once again to support us as we seek to support community organizations and groups through this fundraising initiative".