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Mayor Scott declares April 9 as 2018 Municipal Census Day

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After officially proclaiming April 9 to be Municipal Census Day, Mayor Don Scott became the first resident to be enumerated in Census 2018.

"This is our first population count since the 2016 Horse River Wildfire," said Mayor Don Scott. "It’s essential we capture an accurate snapshot of our region, and for that, we need your help to ‘make it count.’"

For every person counted in Census 2018, more than $200 of grant money will flow into the region. That money is used for everything from road construction to emergency services to parks.


What’s Census Day?

“April 9 is our reference point for Census 2018 – everyone who lives in Wood Buffalo today will be counted from now until June 30,” said project lead Kodjo Efu. “We’re not here to count how many trucks are parked out front or check if you have a permit for your basement suite - we’re only interested in collecting census information.”

To help with the count, census takers will begin going door-to-door on April 16.


Avoid a knock on your door – take part online

Census 2018 PIN letters are being mailed to all households. Use your PIN to complete your census online. Households that take part online will not be visited by census takers.

If you misplace you PIN, you can easily retrieve it by contacting PULSE.


Make it count and you could win

Participate in Census 2018 and enter a draw to win some fantastic prizes!

For more information, visit or call PULSE at 780-743-7000.