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Council passes 2018 Budget – Reducing $94.6M from 2017

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Council has passed the 2018 Budget and the 2019-2020 Financial Plan. The 2018 Budget includes a reduction of $94.6M from the 2017 approved budget. A $65M allocation to reduce undrawn debt was also approved by Council.

“The municipal budget affects everyone in the region, which is why we are committed to both fiscal responsibility and developing fiscal strategies that are sustainable into the future,” said Mayor Don Scott. “I’d like to thank Council for their hard work during the deliberation process and Administration for helping to develop a budget that will continue to provide municipal programs and services for residents across the region.”

The total approved 2018 Budget of $774.6M is $94.6M less than the 2017 Budget.

These reductions show the Municipality’s continued efforts to find efficiencies and enhance fiscal responsibility.

“I’d like to thank and congratulate all of those who were involved in developing the 2018 budget,” said CAO, Annette Antoniak. “The budget provides a foundation for the Municipality to work together with Mayor and Council, stakeholders, residents and other levels of government to achieve our vision of a vibrant, sustainable region we are proud to call home.”

Since Zero-Based Budgeting was introduced at the beginning of 2017, the budget has decreased by $141.6M ($47M in reductions for 2017 Operating Budget, plus an additional $94.6M for 2018 Operating Budget).

Every year, residents are invited to attend budget workshops in Council Chamber, view the meetings online, and review the budget documents on the municipal website. Residents are also invited to learn more about the budget by reviewing the Budget Primer, or information video posted online at

View approved budget documentation or watch videos of budget meetings at