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Mayor Don Scott Updates on First 90 Days in Office

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Monday, January 22, 2018 marked Mayor Don Scott’s 90 days in office in the RMWB. This occasion was marked with a 90 Day Platform Update from the Mayor’s office that focused on five major points.

Scott expressed the value in the creation of the Wood Buffalo Economic Development Corporation is improving quality of life in the region by supporting existing businesses, attracting new businesses and investment, and developing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Council also discussed the future of asset management in the RMWB with the introduction of an Annual Report to identify priorities and objectives for the upcoming year. A Capital Asset Management Plan is also being developed to create a comprehensive and integrated strategy to maintain efficiency in capital assets.

Council has been working with the Wood Buffalo Steering Group on a revised Terms of Service. They have also been collaborating on other matters including the transition to a 5:1 property tax ratio mandated by The Province’s Bill 21 and Bill 6, and focusing on the issue fly-in fly-out employment and rotational work in the oil sands. Council presented updates on the state of the rebuild and commitments to the recommendations from the KPMG Lessons Learned Wildfire Review on November 4th. The Planning and Development department of the RMWB has also presented updates on the rebuild process.

Meetings between Mayor Scott and all levels of government have been held in the first 90 days including Infrastructure Minister Jansen, Indigenous Relations Minister Feehan, Environment and Parks Minister Phillips, and Energy Minister McCuaig-Boyd.