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Sultan Management Group launches new entity - SMG Métis - to foster Aboriginal economic development in the oil sands

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Sultan Management Group Inc. (SMG) has launched a new Aboriginal entity - SMG Métis - to expand the horizons of their oil sands partners and its neighbouring communities.

President and CEO of SMG, Sultan Zamman, says SMG Métis will create opportunities and add value to the Wood Buffalo region and its economic growth by partnering Aboriginal peoples with industry.

“Our clients will be able to not only access the world-class service we offer but also be able to do so under an Aboriginal company. Aboriginal spending and integration into development are important for all parties involved,” Zamman says. “It helps create value to our local community members and invests in the sustainability of our communities in the region.”

President of SMG Métis and partner, Adam Tatum, is a long-time Fort McMurray resident and local business owner. Originally from the Janvier community, and a member of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association, he looks forward to working with SMG to grow the new entity.

"We are proud to partner with SMG under a new Aboriginal company banner, as it’s known for providing a broad range of quality services like surveying, inspections and advanced asset management solutions. As an Aboriginal company, SMG Métis will be committed to the unique needs of our community and work hard to elevate the quality of life for all around us,” says Tatum.