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World Hijab Day YMM prepares for milestone event

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Fort McMurray, Alberta – The World Hijab Day Fort McMurray (WHDYMM) committee is preparing for its fifth annual event on Sunday, February 4 at Peter Pond Mall from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Each year, the event invites women of all faiths to come try on a hijab - the Islamic headscarf. The World Hijab Day movement was founded by Nazma Khan six years ago in Queens, New York. Celebrated internationally on February 1, this year’s World Hijab Day is expected to be hosted in 190 countries.

The WHDYMM committee is further proud to announce President and Co-Founder of World Hijab Day Fort McMurray Kiran Malik-Khan has been appointed as one of four Canadian ambassadors from the host organization.

“Kiran possesses exactly what we are looking for in a World Hijab Day Ambassador - heartwarming, ambitious, dedicated, and a leader,” World Hijab Day Founder Nazma Khan noted. “We are delighted to have her represent us.”

Malik-Khan was honoured by the recent appointment and is looking forward to this year’s event.

“My thanks to Nazma Khan for her support. We have a fantastic committee, which comes together every year to make this important event happen,” she said. “World Hijab Day is a gift to the world and one we are proud to present in Fort McMurray.”

The WHDYMM committee includes both Muslim and non-Muslim Fort McMurray residents. As a part of the event, the committee will have hijabs available for ladies to try them on to see how they look while learning more about the faith and the headscarf.

The group’s tagline ‘Modesty, Honour, Beauty’ aptly captures the sentiment felt by hijabi Muslim women.
“Our hijab is a symbol of our modesty, which is our honour, and both become our beauty. It is a choice we make with pride and joy daily. We invite you to stand with us, and share the sentiment,” Malik-Khan added.