Lucas Welsh

Lucas Welsh

34 Years Old

Class of 2021

Lucas Welsh, a pastor at Fort City Church, has lived in Fort McMurray since 1991. Over the years he has volunteered and supported nonprofits like St. Johns Ambulance, Northlife Soup Kitchen, Youth With a Mission Fort McMurray, and Center of Hope.

He also organized the annual Fort City Car Show and Christmas Lights Bus Tour, which over the years have raised thousands for local non-profits. He spoke with YMM about advice he’s accepted, advice he’s rejected, and the most rewarding part of his career.

YMM: What is the worst advice that you ever received?

LW: The worst advice I’ve ever been given was “Fake it till you make it” and I deeply regret for a time repeating that advice to others.  Never fake it.  Be honest with yourself.  Be honest with others.  Share your difficult truths.  Be vulnerable with those you trust. The most valuable version of yourself isn’t who you have been or who you are becoming; it’s who you are right now.

YMM: What’s the best advice that you ever received?

LW: It happened in grade 10.  A friend said don’t date that girl, which made me want to date her all the more. We’ve been together ever since and married 14 years.

YMM: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

LW: The most rewarding thing that I get to see is the “aha” moment on someone’s face when they realize faith isn’t about rules, being right, or judgement, but that it’s actually about love; loving yourself, loving your neighbour and loving God.

YMM: What motivates you?

LW: I’m deeply motivated by the idea that God made each and every person with intrinsic and undeniable value. I wake up every day hoping to affirm that value in each person I come across.

YMM: For what are you most grateful?

LW: Without a doubt the single thing I am most grateful for in this whole world is my wife, Adrien. She is strong, courageous, and wise and each day she inspires me to try to be the best version of myself that I can be.

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