Ashley Sokul-Ryan

Ashley Sokul-Ryan

35 Years Old

Class of 2021

Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ashley Sokul-Ryan now calls Fort McMurray home as she helps run her husband’s plumbing and heating company.

She’s an avid volunteer who lives by the words “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else,” and recently spoke to YMM about her hero, her motivations, and how she measures success.

YMM: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

ASR: I have given up quite a bit with regards to my career to operate my husband’s plumbing company, however, it has allowed me to be with my children every single day of their young lives. That is something that is such a rarity in our current world and I wouldn’t trade a single one of their days for anything.

YMM: How should success be measured?

ASR: In the way you deal with complications or failure. Life isn’t easy, and there are always going to be challenges and obstacles thrown into any situation. However, I truly believe it’s the way you handle them, rise above, and learn from them that is one of the greatest measures of success.

YMM: What motivates you?

ASR: Self-mastery and growth. I am on a constant path of development, learning, and becoming my best self. I do a lot of this intrinsically, but extrinsically, I surround myself with people who are inspiring, people who have beat the odds, and people who I can learn so much from. Those closest to me (specifically my kids and husband) can only be their best and happiest if I am, so it will always be a driving force.

YMM: What three words best describe you?

ASR: Dedicated – If I say I will do something, I will. If I say I’m in, I’m in. You can definitely rely on me.  Witty – It’s a rarity that I am not cracking a joke or making people laugh. I love to laugh, and I love making people laugh. Generous – I am always giving, whether it be my time, support for a fundraiser or charity, my baking/garden goods, etc.

YMM: Who is your hero?

ASR: Without a doubt my grandma.  She was everything. She was unapologetic in her ways and always reminded me to never change who I was for anyone. She was the pillar of our family and the perfect example of the importance of hard work. I will forever be grateful for her influence on who I am as a person today.

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