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Cleaning Tips With Endura Clean’s Shauna Keats

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This is the time of year when thoughts turn to deep-cleaning your home after months of being cooped up indoors. Shauna Keats, owner of Endura Clean Cleaning Services, sat down and chatted with Your McMurray Magazine about her top tips for keeping a clean home.

YMM: Getting your home clean for the spring and summer months can be daunting. What would you say are the top five areas to focus on?

SK: The areas I would suggest focusing on are: baseboards, windows, the kitchen (on top of the cabinets, and the cupboard doors), all along the tops of the door casings, and all the doors and switchplates. These are are some areas that are often overlooked in every day cleaning, but definitely need attention.


YMM: In your experience, what area of the home is most over-looked when it comes to cleaning?

SK: The bathroom is definitely the most overlooked. The stem of the toilet is almost always missed, as are the baseboards in the bathroom. The walls need a good cleaning, too, as they often get quite dirty due to the steam, children, animals, and other things.


YMM: What are some of your tips for staying on top of the cleanliness of your home?

SK: Make a schedule. Pick a day when you can focus on your dusting; another day for bathrooms, etc. I find if you do it that way, you don’t become too overwhelmed, and it’s easier to manage.


YMM: How do you know when it’s time to call in a professional cleaner?

SK: The moment you become too overwhelmed and can’t find the time to clean, it’s time to call in the professionals. If you come across something you are unfamiliar with, or if you, like one of my clients, are allergic to cleaners, a professional can handle it for you.


Professional cleaners are here to make your life easier, enabling you to spend more time with family, or work, or whatever you enjoy. Personally, I take great pride in my job. I strive to please my clients, allowing them to come home and not spend hours cleaning their homes after work. Knowing that I can help eliminate stress in their lives is what makes my job so satisfying. 

For more information about how Endura Clean can help you, call Shauna at 780-965-7485.