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Honomobo: A Modern Take on Beautiful Homes in Wood Buffalo

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Walking up to a Honomobo home, there’s no denying it’s a shipping container. And there are no apologies, either.

Honomobo embraces the fact that they are leveraging shipping containers to create modern, beautiful, and modular living spaces - a fresh, thoughtful, and design-focused take on the existing prefab and modular home concept, and an uncompromising housing solution for Wood Buffalo.

Had last year’s wildfire not happened, Honomobo’s offerings would still be an attractive option to residents within the Municipality, however the wildfire truly was a moment when Honomobo Distributor, Craig Tkachuk, recognized the impact these homes could have within the community.

“When the wildfire happened, the need for homes became immediate,” explains Tkachuk. “It was a need those homeowners hadn’t previously realized, and when faced with the challenge of replacing a home quickly, there really are only a few solutions that will work.”

Although Honomobo isn’t the only shipping container home manufacturer, there are elements that set them apart. Built in Nisku, just outside of Edmonton, Honomobo has elevated itself by how quickly they can be built, where they can be installed, and their attractive pricing.

“At Honomobo, we manufacture it, deliver it, and install it, move-in ready within 10 weeks, so for people needing to replace their homes quickly, we’re the perfect solution,” says Tkachuk.

This aspect has made products like Honomobo advantageous from the Municipality’s standpoint, as well. “The versatility of the product enables it to meet land use regulations with limited adjustments,” says Jamie Doyle, Director of Planning & Development for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  “Additionally, the timeline is quite appealing for those residents looking to try something different, and enjoy an incredibly quick turnaround time for occupancy.”

And unlike the traditional home-building experience, where you start with basic fits and finishes, and augment them as far as your wallet stretches, Honomobo’s “standard” is high-end, and the price is quoted to the nickel.

From the quartz countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, to the high-efficient heating and cooling system, and everything in between, Honomobo prides itself on a process that is brilliantly simple, predictable...and sexy.

“As soon as you step inside, you’re not thinking ‘shipping container’,” shares Tkachuk. “These homes are bright, modern, functional, and generally offer a different option to the more traditional build.”

The response to Honomobo in the RMWB has been warm, and open-minded. “This is a young, educated community,” Tkachuk enthuses. “People understand it, and embrace the product. They’re looking at Honomobo, and not only do they think about its application within Fort McMurray, but they think about their vacation home, or their home back east.”

Whether you’re looking for a primary residence, cabin, guesthouse, apartment, or a temporary, rather luxe office space, Honomobo has options to fit your needs.

Honombo’s pricing includes all the fixtures, built-in millwork and mechanical systems. Additional costs include delivery and setup, the foundation, permits and utility service upgrades, and these costs vary by location.

“We take a fully inclusive approach to each customer’s unique property needs and with pre-manufactured modules, where the process is predictable and simple,” says Devon Siebenga, Honomobo’s president.


For more information about Honomobo, visit or call Craig at 780-237-0059.


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