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Local Fort McMurray Builder Profiles

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Fort McMurray is lucky to have a number of well-respected, high-quality builders. Although there are too many to list, here are some of the ones you’ll find right here in Wood Buffalo, working hard to rebuild our community.

LIAM Properties

William is a name that comes with plenty of options. Will, Bill, Billy, Willie, Wullie. There’s the Welsh Gwilym, even In 1979, when Bill de Silva took the Irish form of his name as his company brand it was a reminder to him of what was important. His father was also named William, as was his son. Bill wanted to build a company he would be happy to have his name attached to, and over the 35 years he has been in business, he has done so.

Most of their work has been in Fort McMurray. Through the years the company has branched out into property rental and management as well as the hospitality business, but the heart of the company is construction. They have grown with the community they have been building since 1979 and a glance at their history shows how their growth is also the growth of Fort McMurray. Liam has built nearly everything; homes, townhomes, apartment buildings, schools and commercial properties. In a way, they’re also responsible for the safety of the community as they have built for the hospital and the RCMP. And the best part is, like the Mounties, you know they’ll be here if you need them.


Hayat Builders

Hayat are proud local builders who have been here since 2009. They are also members of Progressive Home Warranty, a construction insurance company that cares for their clients and works closely with their building partners. Hayat has house plans easily accessible on their website and they are connected to the community and their fans via facebook. Fans? Well yes, judging by the 5-star reviews they have on their facebook page. Hayat has also posted pictures of the latest homes they have constructed, so go and visit them, @hayatbuilders.


Bold Homes

Incorporated in 2004, the Bold Group of Companies are also focusing on rebuilding the community. They have been in Fort McMurray for 15 years and are also active in Lac La Biche and Fort Saskatchewan. “We specialize in the development of land into well-organized living communities for the modern family,” says their website. However, they recognize the needs of the town and are one of the many companies aiming their energy at the rebuild of the town. Find them at



Qualico was founded more than 60 years ago by David and Katherine Friesen, who began by building seven houses in Winnipeg’s River Heights neighbourhood in 1950. The Friesens understood the family dream of owning a home and wanted to create homes and communities where people could put down roots and raise their families. Since then they have become experts in single-family and multi-family home building, residential land development, commercial and industrial development, property management and even building supply and manufacture.

Over the past 17 years, Qualico has constructed over 1,100 homes and developed hundreds of lots in Fort McMurray. In addition, they are the largest home builder in Western Canada, building over 3,000 homes a year currently and over 100,000 over the company’s history. Now they are putting their expertise to use in the rebuild of the town. Qualico may have the most comprehensive website of any construction company, with over fifty different house designs, many with basement option floor plans included. You can find them at


Rochelle Homes

Morgan Simms isn’t a vain man. He works hard, and has done so for all of his life. But he was proud enough of the company that evolved from Simms Bros Contracting, that he named it after his only daughter. He and his wife and partner, Gladys, did that to show the value they place on what they do. It’s not the first time he’s worked in such a manner. A third generation carpenter, he had started out with his name front and centre as part of a family concern. Simms Bros. Contracting. The Simms Brothers. Naming your company in such a personal way means there is nowhere to hide. It also means there is no need to. Morgan, after 25 years in the business, stands by the work of his company and is proud of one other thing, the work they are doing in the community as part of the rebuild.

Go to their website, and look around. Finding a new home has never been easier than on this website. Floorplans, pictures and custom options abound, all laid out in an easy-to-use, easy-to-read representation of the care they take in their work. Rochelle Homes also believe that peace of mind for their clients is paramount. Accordingly, they work through the Alberta New Homes Warranty program as well as the Canadian Home Builders Association. Contact them at 780-799-2631.


Dolce Vita Homes

Their name means ‘Good Life’ and that is what Dolce Vita Homes tries to build for you. Well-established in the province and with a record that is the envy of the construction industry, Dolce Vita believes in community commitment. ‘Ready to rebuild for you,’ their website says, ‘Dolce Vita Homes is helping to rebuild Fort McMurray. It’s not just about today, it’s about tomorrow.’

Before you roll your eyes, Dolce Vita are partnered with Mister Integrity himself, Mike Holmes. Holmes is the star of numerous TV shows about the construction business and his mantra is “Build it right the first time.” If Dolce Vita is good enough for him…then you can find them at


Cherrywood Homes

Part of the Casman Group, Cherrywood has been building homes for 20 years. Their focus is on build neighbourhoods.  These can be found in each of the new major subdivisions including Timberlea, Wood Buffalo, Confederation Heights, Parsons Creek/Paquette Heights, Eagle Ridge and Stone Creek. In addition, an extensive construction résumé within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo means Cherrywood Homes enjoys strong long-term relationships with key planners and inspectors for residential housing.  With this experience has come the professional respect which offers a smooth development and permit process to simplify the home purchase experience for our customers. You may find them at or at 780-791-0301.


Norbasca Homes

Not everyone in Fort McMurray needs a rebuild. Many homes were damaged by smoke, water, ash and soot. Some were even water-bombed, and all of these repairs need a good contractor. Norbasca, in addition to being a builder of quality homes, also specializes in restoration work and home renovations. If you are looking for the finest finishes by the most skilled craftsmen, look no further. Norbasca has been in business in Fort McMurray since 2001 and are locally owned and operated. “We pride ourselves in communicating openly with our clients and to incorporate their needs into building a place they can call home.” For more information, contact Brian Lawler on facebook @norbascahomes.


Sultan Management Group Builders

SMG is a design, surveying and construction company focused on serving the needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients. SMG is positioned to deliver robust and well-matched project outcomes along the entire value chain. From bench-scale to full-scale, their commitment to superior results in every engagement is unparalleled. Sultan Management Group has their corporate office in the downtown core and is committed to building a long-term and sustainable business presence in the Fort McMurray area. SMG has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and strives to exceed your expectations. You can find them at and @SultanManagementGroup on facebook.


J&H Homes

There are other options as well. The J&H family business, which has worked across the prairies since 1962, specializes in Ready to Move homes. “J&H Homes is a reputable RTM home builder with over 40 years’ experience and over 300 homes built in the Fort McMurray area. We know you want to get back home quickly and we have finished, Ready-To-Move homes available to you right now. Or, if you prefer a Custom Built Home, our in-house professional design team is ready to help you. From demolition to complete home replacement services, J&H Homes can get you into your beautiful new home without delay.” J&H can change a standard house plan for you or custom design from the ground up. You can find them at or at J&H Homes RTM Builder on facebook.



Not everyone is rebuilding. For those who are looking for a new home, Rohit Communities, which started in 1986 by building a single home, has now grown to be one of Edmonton and Fort McMurray’s leading home builders. “Our townhomes and duplexes have always been our trademark homes, but our diverse product selection has grown to include two storey single family homes, bungalows and apartment-style condos.” You can visit their show home at 200 Blackburn Drive in Parsons Creek, or contact them at


Mann Builders

Muzammel Mann is proud of his service to the local community. As he says on their website, “We are one of the leading builders in Fort McMurray. We build all sizes of single family homes and duplexes and we offer services to customize your dream home.  Mann Builders is known for building high-quality custom homes. We offer a wide range of selection of homes plans and features. Our clients get the best variety of choices for exterior and interior selections and we offer flexibility to customize your dream home. Mann Builders is a member of the Progressive New Home Warranty Program. We work very hard to make home owning a pleasant experience for our clients. We treat our clients like family and continue building the relationship after you move in to your dream home.”

You can contact them via Facebook - mannbuildersltd – and online at You can also contact them at 780-880-0412.


Stratford Homes and Stratford Contracting

The Stratford company story is also the story of Shawn Chaulk. His background is well planted in the roots of the community; nearly 40 years a resident, Composite High, Keyano College, time spent working in the Oilsands.  He has run both arms of Stratford, the contracting and home building, for nearly 20 years and is one of our community’s most vociferous supporters. His own modest words – “I own and operate Stratford Contracting and Stratford Homes, and we do general construction, home building, insurance industry rebuilds (floods and fire) major home remodelling and commercial development and renovations,” – do not do either him or his company justice. In the aftermath of the fire, Stratford became a one-stop shop for returnees who needed answers on how their homes stood. Now his companies are rebuilding and renovating, and every job that carries his name also carries his guarantee. Find him at @stratfordcontractingltd, or call them at 780-792-1864.


Vicky’s Homes

Although not a local builder, Vicky Kujundzic has enough of a stake in the game to be considered one of us. Here’s her story. “My husband grew up in Fort McMurray so he has strong personal ties to the community and professional ties with owning and operating two local businesses. Both he and his Mother were evacuated from Beacon Hill last May. Their family home was one of many that was burnt. Although our focus to date has been custom builds in the Capital Region, Vicky’s Homes is determined to help our family, neighbours and community rebuild with their specific needs in mind. Our knowledgeable team is well equipped to listen to your concerns, answer questions and guide you through the process from start to finish. Vicky’s Homes is a Mike Holmes Approved custom home builder which means your home will be built with high standards and will get inspected by Mike Holmes Inspectors throughout the course of construction.”

So if you wish to have your home built by men, but designed by a woman, call them at 780-714-5999 or find them at


Kevin has been writing for YMM since the first issue. Many of his articles have been pseudonymous, hidden behind the tags Keyano writer or YMM staff. Kevin has been a columnist for many years, working for some of the leading newspapers of the world, including the New York Times and the Devon Dispatch.