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Letter From The Editor

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In 2016, the word “Home” took on a whole new meaning as all of us had to leave our houses and community, and venture out into a new version of “Home” thanks to the wildfire. For my family, it started out as spending a week with family on the Kennett farm between Boyle and Athabasca, as we, like everyone else spent days living out a terrifying reality as we watched the developments unfold. For us, that farm means comfort, it means peace and in that time of great uncertainty, meant a home that we could thankfully indefinitely stay in.

Once we knew that we weren’t going to our house in Fort McMurray any time soon, I travelled with Madison and Jason and we went to our summer home on Random Island, Newfoundland for just about two months. This is the house I grew up in, so it also meant comfort, familiarity and a lifetime of love between those old walls that felt like a big warm hug. Quite literally receiving lots of hugs and love from old neighbours and family members in Newfoundland sure helped too. 

However much those two homes were incredible sanctuaries for my family during the evacuation, they do not compare to the feelings I got when I drove back into my neighbourhood of Prairie Creek at the end of June. I was never more grateful for that moment and I sure do appreciate that moment.

But what I learned through all of these experiences is that “Home” means more than walls, beds, and things. It means the people you love. And for me, I was able to be at home wherever I was, thanks to the love and support of not only my immediate family, but all of the rest of our friends and family who supported us and helped us create that feeling of “home”.

This year, in 2017, just about one year later, our annual Home and Garden Guide takes on special meaning to me and I believe that it is here to say that Fort McMurray is still a great place to call home. It’s a great place to raise a family, fall in love, build a life and make lasting memories. Our YMM team hopes you enjoy the stories inside this publication and that it will inspire new projects, new ideas and help you remember just why this place is home to you. 


Cheers to long summer nights and enjoying a glass of sangria (or whatever you prefer)!


Krista Balsom


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