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Hello Spring! Home Decor Trends for 2016

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Well, looking out my window at the snow covered ground, you might not know it's here, but the sun is out, the temperatures are up and we are all getting itchy to shed those winter coats, open up our windows, let that warm breeze in and be refreshed!  

To me spring is just that, the time of year when you start fresh! Pull back the curtains, let the light in and take a look around. I LOVE a good spring clean up, and in my house that usually means a good throw OUT. Time for fall and winter to be packed away, heavy throw blankets stored, bulky knitted pillows and even thick curtains to keep the cold out are taken down and stored away. 

Now what are some easy and fun ways to spruce up your home for spring? What are the big trends this year for 2016? Well, I know! But first let's just ask my husband and then do the EXACT opposite of what he likes...that's usually what I do, if you ask him anyway...

All kidding aside, this year is proving to be different than seasons past! This year Benjamin Moore picked "Simply White" as their colour of the year! White? What? I know...take a look at this colour pallet below for an idea of where design and trends are heading this year (see picture top right).

Colours like Simply White, Ballet White, Morning Sky Blue, these colours are softer, peaceful, relaxing and more tranquil than a lot of the colour choices that we have seen in the last few seasons. BOLD was BIG, BRIGHT was IN, but it appears that bold is taking a break, and in turn comes light and airy, which, for my own personal style, is a FAVORITE!

These are actually all pieces I have in my own home right now that I use again and again with just a simple change of accent colour, BAM you have a new room!

Now just for a walk on the wild side, take a look at what Pantone named their Colours of the Year 2016..."Rose Quartz" and "Serenity" (see picture bottom right).

Ok, now together these are a bit too much for me, but look how when taking just one colour and adding your neutrals, browns, greys and creams and of course TEXTURE, you get such a clean and timeless look!

What's a tried and true method when wanting to make the biggest impact for the least amount of investment for a new look?  It's changing those accents!

Time to look for new throw pillows! A few new accent pieces for your end tables, your shelves, a new area rug! Even new inexpensive panels for your windows! A new piece of canvas art, or even a simple mirror will change your whole space! All of these smaller things make such a big difference to the feel of any room and you can transform your space in less than a day!  

Take a look at the two photos right middle to get a small idea about how you can be neutral, white even, but still be warm and exciting and interesting to look at, these are called winter whites, but look how perfect they fit for for this spring season's trends! Throw in a POP of that Rose Quartz or Serenity in a throw pillow and you're done!

At the end of the day I am a really big believer in sticking to your own "style"... whatever that means to you! I like a little farmhouse chic, my husband is very traditional, right now simple Scandinavian design is huge (think exposed shelving, natural materials like wood, leather, clean lines, natural shapes). I think you can use pieces of all styles to make your home your own! 

Aleaha is a very happily busy wife, small business owner, and mother of five!  She is a Certified Professional Home Stager and a licensed home decor retailer serving the Fort McMurray area. Her passions revolve around creating beautiful spaces, writing, and community theatre!  Contact Aleaha at for more information or check out her Facebook page "Perfectly Imperfect by Aleaha".


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