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Staying Cool With Home Air Conditioning, With Brad Lucier of HVAC Solutions

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In a climate such as ours, cooling a home can often feel as important as heating a home. We chatted with the expert, Brad Lucier of HVAC Solutions, to find out the answers to some important questions when it comes to home air conditioning.

YMM: When it comes to having an air conditioner installed, what should home owners be thinking about? 
BL: When looking at an install, you need to be aware of the outside unit location. Be aware of noise which is the big one. Don't place the unit close to bedroom windows or close to a deck, etc. Proximity to a power outlet should be considered as well. 

YMM: What are some common misconceptions about air conditioning that keeps people suffering in the summer? 
BL: Once misconception is regarding how often a system should be recharged.  If the system is sound (no leaks) you should never have to recharge unless there is a component failure (compressor thermal expansion valve). 

YMM:  How do early home air conditioners compare to the newest ones being offered today?
BL: Costs have come down and efficiencies have gone up. New types of components and new refrigerants help with keeping running costs low.  One of the biggest issues is people don't properly service the furnace thus causing a/c failures. Clean filters are one of the biggest issues. 

YMM: Are there any do-it-yourself maintenance tips that homeowners should know once they have a/c?
BL: For maintenance ensure the outside unit is cleaned. We notice big issues after poplar fluff season. With condensers plugged, it's like driving your car with a blanket over the radiator. Overheating the unit drastically shortens the lifespan.

Another thing to know is that it's best to reset the thermostat a couple degrees when not home. If you turn the unit off, the a/c works very hard to condition the space. It's not just bringing the air temperature down, but the flooring, cabinetry, etc. as well. 

YMM: How often should an air conditioning system be upgraded and/or replaced?
BL: Change outs are usually done due to obsolescence or due to higher efficiency rating or noise reducing.  A well maintained system can last 15+ years. 

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