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I Moustache You For Consent - The Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society Changes Public Opinion

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The Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society’s upcoming “I ‘Mustache’ You for Consent” campaign is designed to change public opinion regarding sexual assault within our community. The purpose of the campaign is to raise public awareness regarding sexual assault and encourage the community to start the conversation on the difficult topic of sexual assault and consent.

According to Statistics Canada there were 21,900 sexual assaults reported to police in 2012. However, the number of sexual assaults committed is estimated as much higher since many individuals are unclear what is considered a sexual assault and how consent is defined. This being the case, the “I ‘Mustache’ You for Consent” campaign focuses on providing a clearer understanding of how to ensure consent has been obtained before engaging in sexual activities.

The Canadian Criminal Code states that consent is NOT given if: the person is unconscious, it is an abuse of power, trust, or authority, the person does not say yes, or the person changes her/his mind. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the legal age of consent in Canada is sixteen years of age and it is your personal responsibility to obtain consent prior to engaging in any sexual activity regardless of your relationship status.

The “I ‘Mustache” You for Consent” campaign was designed as a part of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month beginning May 01, 2015. Throughout the month of May, the Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society’s Sexual Assault Program will be promoting this campaign at a variety of locations around town. At each location, community members will have a chance to purchase “I ‘Mustache’ You for Consent” t-shirts and mustaches on a stick. People are encouraged to come out, show support and spread the message about consent by taking “mustache” pictures and using #SAPYMM. Instagram will be checked regularly by Sexual Assault Program staff members for the most creative “I ‘Mustache’ You for Consent” picture; at the end of May the owner of the most creative picture will win a gift certificate to a supporting local business.

In addition to community awareness, the Sexual Assault Program also provides individual counselling, hospital/court/RCMP support, support groups and educational resources. For more information on the “I ‘Mustache’ You for Consent” campaign, sexual assault and/or consent, contact the Fort McMurray Family Crisis Society Sexual Assault Program at 780-743-4691 ext. 232 or through the Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 780-791-6708.


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