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Creating a Safe Yard For Your Pet

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As soon as that warm air hits Fort McMurray you will likely find yourself outside more and more enjoying the beautiful weather, possibly having a backyard fire or BBQ. If you have pets, or know people who like to visit with their pets, it’s best to think about their safety while being outside. Rolo is going to share some tips on how you can keep pets safe while enjoying outside.

FENCED YARD: This helps keep animals inside and not out wandering the streets likely to get lost or increasing their chances of getting hurt. Make sure all gates are locked and closed at all times. Check the surrounding area for holes or loose boards in the fence often. Animals should also be wearing collars with information tags on them as well.

LEAD LINE OR TIE STAKE: Do you know a pet that has a tendency to wander or become a Houdini and get out? Why not decrease their odds of getting out by installing a lead line or a tie stake with a long leash attached to it. Also make sure #3 below is also available. NOTE: Animals should not be kept outside for long periods of time especially in heat or even cold weather! If you witness a pet in distress; please contact Animal Control and report.

SHADE & WATER: These two items are needed to keep animals comfortable outside. Please also take precautions and watch for signs of dehydration (a few symptoms are sunken eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, dry mouth & depression).

TOXIC FOOD & PLANTS: The list of plants and human food that is toxic to animals is astonishing, and by no means small! Be sure to do your research before planting your garden or giving your pets human food because you would be surprised at the things they cannot have. Having pets ingest items that could be toxic could end up being fatal, and it’s best to be prepared than not prepared at all.

We hope you all have a great spring and summer exploring the region and keeping your pets safe while enjoying the beautiful weather. Be sure to check out our dog blog for more tips, tricks, information & pet events.


Kimberley, a lover of all things animal, was born and raised in Merritt, British Columbia.  In 2006, at the age of only 19, she found her way to the heart of the oil sands, Fort McMurray, and has been here ever since.  She calls YMM home alongside her husband (Brett), stepson (Cameron) & dog (Rolo).  With being a professional pet blogger her passion for being an animal advocate & animal lover has stretched beyond our region reaching all over the world with her blog “Confessions of a Rescue Mom”.  The blog was inspired by her Internet-famous, former shelter dog, Rolo who was adopted from the Fort McMurray SPCA in 2011.  She loves sharing tips & ideas on how to make your pet parent experience perfect!