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Holiday Guide

Letter From The Editor

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They say there is no place like home for the holidays.

Fort McMurray is my home and I love staying right here to celebrate and I’m very excited for another busy holiday season with my family and friends! There is always a special air of excitement at this time of the year as the city is decorated with lights and there are what seems to be a gazillion events to attend!

For some, the start of the holiday season is the Northern Lights Health Foundation Festival of Trees. This year, the much-anticipated events will be taking place from November 16-18 at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park. Since 1989, the Festival has raised over $8-million  to support healthcare innovation for our residents. Our team is always excited to participate as a sponsor, but particularly our tree partnership with the Fort McMurray Historical Society. Tammy Plowman and the team from the Heritage Village Gift Shop are always on board to support the Foundation and we collaborate on an exciting tree for live auction at the event. This year, our Holiday Guide cover features some photos from the Festival over the years.

This year’s guide also includes some tips and ideas for shopping local this holiday season. We want to encourage you all to think locally when purchasing your holiday gifts this year for your loved ones. It might be a small thing for you, but I can promise you, the shops and services around town will most definitely appreciate the support. See all of our ideas to shop local on page 11.

From our team to yours, and certainly from my family and myself, we wish you a very joyful and memorable Christmas and holiday season, wherever “home” is.


Krista Balsom



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