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Holiday Guide

A New Holiday Tradition: A Christmas Carol

Hanna Fridhed
BY Hanna Fridhed
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This holiday season, Keyano Theatre is bringing a Christmas classic back to the main stage

Few things are as steeped in tradition and merriment as the Christmas holidays, a time that is hopefully spent with family and loved ones. In 2014 Keyano Theatre Company presented A Christmas Carol to the great joy of many families and holiday lovers in the community. This year, KTC is bringing the tale of Scrooge, the Cratchit family and the visiting spirits back to the main stage to build a new holiday tradition in town. “We had a great response to A Christmas Carol when we did it three years ago” says Alan Roberts, Artistic Director with KTC. “I received many requests to do it more frequently and create our own theatrical tradition with it. It’s a holiday classic for the entire family and a great way to start the Christmas season.”

Director Karen Johnson-Diamond, who directed the KTC production of Footloose the Musical last season, is returning to Fort McMurray to put her personal touch on this Christmas classic. She is a big lover of the story, and now she wants to share the magic with the members of our community. “I am a Christmas person. I love it. I’d leave my decorations up all year if my husband would let me. It fills me with joy to watch A Christmas Carol, to read it, and now I’m excited direct it. It can become a beautiful Christmas tradition with your family!” Karen says. “Each time I work at Keyano Theatre I meet more and more amazing members of this community. I’d love for you to know them too.”

The large cast is a colorful mix of community members from all walks of life, some making their theatre debut while other’s have several productions under their belts. “I hope our volunteer actors have a great experience, enjoy the challenge and have fun!” exclaims Alan. “I hope our audience enjoys the story being told onstage and perhaps realize that they too could be on stage next time to be a part of the action. Come see what your friends, family and neighbours have been working so hard on!”

When asked what she is looking forward to the most, Karen says that she is tremendously excited to “hear what first time ‘Carolers’ think of the story! I honestly don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know the story of A Christmas Carol, I wish I could remember what I said about it to my parents after seeing it for the first time. So, if anyone comes to see the show with a person unfamiliar with the story, please write the theatre and tell me what they said!”

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Michael Shamata and directed by Karen Johnson-Diamond opens at Keyano Theatre on November 24, 2017 and runs November 25-30 and December 1-2, with a matinee on December 2. Tickets can be purchased through the Keyano Theatre Box Office or by visiting


Photos by Greg Halinda Photography