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Holiday Guide

Lil Wolves Christmas in Anzac

Hilary Banks
BY Hilary Banks
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When students were asked why they love our school they said, “We love our gym, and seeing our friends and doing lots of fun activities. We go on lots of field trips and they are fun!”

A parent’s reply when asked why she loves our little school, she said, “I love the fact students get more one-on-one attention from their teachers. The teachers really go above and beyond for their students. A second parent mirrored that response and added, “Teachers go above and beyond what is normally expected of one’s teacher. The staff is very personable and easy to talk to with regards to their child’s education.”


Anzac Community School and Bill Woodward School are a one campus/two school model with grades K-5 in Anzac School and 5-12 in Bill Woodward School. At our schools, we strive to provide a quality education that will enhance the development of the whole child in a safe and caring environment. It is our mission to provide the best possible education for all students entrusted to our care.

The hamlet of Anzac is on the western shore of Willow Lake in the southern region of the Municipality and is in close proximity to Gregoire Lake Provincial Park. We are located approximately 45 kilometres southeast of Fort McMurray and can be accessed from Alberta Highways 63 and 881.

If you were to visit Anzac Community School you would immediately feel the caring environment created by students and staff. Our secretary would warmly welcome you and you would smell the aroma of the school’s snacks and lunch being prepared each day for our free hot lunch program. When you walk past the classrooms you would see children engaged in accredited programs such as Daily 5, CAFE, JUMP Math, Levelled Literacy Intervention, researching on their Chromebooks, Coding, engaged in their lessons and hands-on activities in an inclusive environment. On top of what happens in our classrooms, we also have: mindfulness classes, Roots of Empathy, Speech Language supports, Wood Buffalo Regional Library visits, counselling and mentorship programs, and are an Apple School.

We are proud of the success rates of our high school graduates. Bill Woodward School is fortunate to have a number of specialist teachers working with our Jr and Sr High students. Our state of the art facility comes complete with science labs, a sports auditorium, fitness centre, library, shop station and smartboard technology in all classrooms.

Bill Woodward School prides itself in the number of quality sports programs offered. Our students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as basketball, volleyball, golf, track and field and more. Students can choose to be a part of the Bill Woodward High-Performance sports Academy, which runs three days a week.

We are very proud of both our schools in Anzac. This holiday season we will be our first big fundraiser for the Anzac Elementary School at the Anzac One Rec Centre; we invite you all to come and enjoy the festivities and raise money for a good cause. The Lil’ Wolves Christmas events will take place Dec 8th - 9th.  Proceeds from the events will go towards the Anzac Community School helping fund things like Science kits, gym equipment, set up a sensory room, and much more. There are sponsorship packages available, you could also sponsor a tree for the Festival of Trees event, or you could simply purchase tickets to attend the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party or Breakfast with Santa. Contact guest services to book tickets or a tree for the festival of trees event: 780-793-6900 or email: for sponsorship opportunities.