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Enriching Your Life at Keyano

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For Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre Director Alan Roberts, there is something very satisfying to watch hundreds of people engrossed in a show. It is a shared experience, one that often leaves lasting impressions on those on stage and behind the scenes, and in the seats. The audience is a part of the magic.

The power of theatre has been an integral part of Keyano as it has been a jewel of live entertainment and social gathering for the Wood Buffalo Region for more than 37 years. The Theatre brings a wide range of entertaining, emotional, and thought-provoking experiences to audiences and has assembled a loyal and solid foundation of actors, volunteers and patrons through more than 200 performance events annually.

The Theatre is much more than just a facility; it is a keystone towards cultivating a healthy and vibrant arts community. As the Theatre enriches the community it is in turn enriched. The vision and quality of the work on stage is not only intended to entertain but also inspire its community to be its friends and patrons.

As a result, the Theatre is indebted to committed audience members, angels, sponsors, volunteers, and friends in the community for supporting its efforts to bring live productions to our vibrant and growing Region.

The Theatre is just one way that Keyano College helps to enrich the life of the community and, as part of examining how the college fits in, there are other important and enriching bonds worth celebrating, including the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre, The Keyano Huskies, and the School of Continuing Education.


Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre (SSWC) is a linchpin facility for Keyano’s students and staff, as well as the wider community.

Through it, the College provides exciting sporting and special events as well as state-of-the-art facilities aimed at enabling people to pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle. Those facilities include:

  • Cardio and strength conditioning fitness centre
  • 15,000 sq. ft. of hardwood gymnasium space
  • 14,000 sq. ft. synthetic floor playing surface (multi-use)
  • Group fitness studio
  • Indoor walking/running track
  • Meeting rooms
  • Kinesiology classroom
  • Dance and aerobic studios

Supporting those facilities are team members who are leaders in their chosen fields of study, experts in sport development, physical training, and in the use of sport science to help patrons achieve their personal goals.

Another important function of the centre is to provide high performance training for those athletes wanting to pursue athletics at an elite level, and providing an excellent home facility for Keyano College collegiate athletes, otherwise known as the Keyano Huskies.


Keyano Huskies

Whether you love soccer, basketball or volleyball, Keyano College Huskies Athletics offers the community some of the most skilled and exciting live sports in the Wood Buffalo Region. The college recruits the best local, national and international athletes, and is committed to fostering the academic and athletic development of its students.

As a result, our teams and athletes have earned a reputation of excellence and achievement through a history of success within regional, provincial and national levels, as our current athletes follow in their footsteps.

To the community, the Huskies provide superb sports entertainment and in return, rely on support from the community through the Adopt-A-Husky initiative, used to support the students of Keyano College who have chosen to pursue athletic goals alongside their academic studies.


School of Continuing Education

Keyano’s School of Continuing Education is a vital part of how the College can enrich the lives of people in the community.

The School of Continuing Education helps Keyano to fulfill an important part of its mission to provide high-quality lifelong learning opportunities. By offering everything from technical training to language courses, Continuing Education has been described as a gateway to the future you want to build. So, whether you’re looking to take your career to the next level, develop your professional skills, or enrich your life through the arts, this is where you will find the programs and courses to make it happen.

Through Continuing Education, Keyano partners with industry, school districts, the community and other post-secondary institutions to provide extensive course offerings—too extensive to catalogue here completely—but there is something of interest to almost everyone, including Prehospital Care, Professional Certificate Programs, Computer Training, Safety Certifications, Driver Training, Languages, Aboriginal Education, Online Learning, and Testing Services. For more, visit

The Wood Buffalo region is an engaging, aspiring and growing community and the College is growing with it. Keyano College has become an established part of the community helping first and foremost to support the needs of the area through education, recreation, and the arts.

Keyano College has become more than an educational institution. Having touched many residents’ lives as students, the college remains a pertinent part of the community and provides everyone the opportunity to experience top-class theatre productions, year-round sporting events and access to lifelong learning.

All are supported by our state of the art facilities on campus, which enable us to better serve the region’s needs and appetite for the arts, sport and education.