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Holiday Guide

Letter from the Editor

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They say there is no place like home for the holidays. Well in 2016, this famous saying brings so much more meaning to me, and I’m sure a lot of you, as we gear up for another busy and exciting holiday season in Fort McMurray. They also say home is where the heart is, and I know, even if you’re not back in town yet following the fires, you’re heart is sure here with all of us. It goes without saying that this year, the holiday season will not be the standard one we’re all used to. After the tragic wildfire that brought so much pain and devastation to our region, we all will experience the holidays with more emotion this year.

I know personally that one of the things I was sure to take with me when we evacuated was a small box of very special Christmas ornaments. My husband thought I was crazy for making him dig it out from under the stairs during that very stressful hour when we packed up our house, but for me, it mattered and I knew I wouldn’t want to live without them if I didn’t have to. There is something about the holidays and the “stuff” we collect from years past that holds a special place in all of our hearts and one of my favourite traditions is adding a new ornament to our tree every year that has some sort of significant meaning. My heart breaks for those who sadly had to say goodbye to so many memories, but my heart lifts knowing the strength and resiliency that you all show and together, we’ll be there as families make new lifetime memories, and treasure the fact that you’re with your families and friends.

The team at YMM thought it would be a fitting tribute to all of the heroes who made it possible for us to even be “home” for the holidays to put a photo of our brave firefighters who fought valiantly to keep us all safe. These eight guys on our cover represent all of the thousands of people who worked tirelessly during the days and months of May 2016 and into today. To me, this holiday edition of Your McMurray Magazine is dedicated to each and every one of you.

So with that, a special thanks to the following guys who braved a cold, snowy photoshoot with the brilliant Chrystal Stringer of Chrystal Stringer Photography. Left to right: Tyler Carnochan, Curtis Robinson, Carl Greening, David Stirling, Brent Wagner, Jonathan Gillies, Chad Grunow, Anthony Hoffman

From our team to yours, and certainly from my family and myself, we wish you a very joyful and memorable Christmas and holiday season, wherever “home” is. I’ll also be on the hunt for a very special 2016 ornament for my tree - I’m thinking a fire truck will work just great.


Krista Balsom


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