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Holiday Guide

Hidden Gems in Fort McMurray

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The most important part of holidays is the togetherness and the chance to enjoy each other’s company, and of course the huge mountain of food and other treats that surround you.  Holidays aren’t about the gifts, but let’s face it, gifts are another way we show the important people in our lives that they are special to us. But of course the biggest dilemma is what to buy.  What gift perfectly expresses how much someone means to you?  Our local holiday gifting guide will provide you with a list of some of the phenomenal hidden gems that Fort McMurray has available right here! This holiday season I encourage you to support your local community when you are looking for the perfect gift. 

Fort McMurray has such an amazing selection of home based businesses!  
Do you want a massage? Maybe a facial? Need your nails done? Maybe a personalized gift? If there is a business that can be run out of someone’s basement it has been thought of and is most likely happening in Fort McMurray. We have such an entrepreneurial city! Know what you want but don’t know where to look? We can help with that.

Local Markets/Tradeshows: Fort McMurray has a wide selection of tradeshows and markets throughout the year. The Timberlea Fall Market is being held November 14th at Timberlea Public School, and Fort McMurray Tourism is holding their Christmas Show and Market November 27-29 at MacDonald Island Park. 

Social Media: Everything is available online. Our region has several great social media pages for local businesses. Shop Local Fort McMurray #shopymm has a list of organizations and the contact information for local consultants.

Chamber of Commerce Webpage: Our member listing is a searchable database of businesses operating in our community. 

Now that you have some ideas of where to find them, what are some of the season’s top gifts?

There are several businesses in Fort McMurray that cater to the idea of pampering their patrons. Massages, facials, bath products are all great gifts. Bonus points if you add sweet treats like chocolates or a bottle of wine. And don’t forget, this idea works for both genders.  Men like a little pampering too!

Entertainment and Eats: Looking for a gift for a social butterfly? Get tickets to a play or a hockey game, or check out some local musicians.  Fort McMurray has a burgeoning art scene and it’s not hard to find some cool activities going on to take advantage of.  

We have also seen a lot of growth in our options for local eats. From pubs perfect for a night out with friends to high end restaurants suited for a romantic night for two, a gift card to a local restaurant makes a perfect accompaniment to tickets for a night out. Bonus points for not having to clean up the dinner dishes.

Personalized Gifts: Everyone loves something with their name on it. We have an abundance of local home based businesses which make personalized creations that you can buy year round, and the best part is that you know you are buying something totally unique.  And, shopping local means not having to worry about shipping deadlines!

Help Me Gifts: The idea of a gift is to give someone something that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, so how about buying someone a break?  This could be getting a house cleaner in to do a post-holiday scrub, or buying some pre-made dinners and desserts, or finding someone to shovel snow or do lawn maintenance so that a loved one has more time to put their feet up and relax.  

Too Technical to Remember Correctly Gifts: My husband loves his truck and tinkering around with our side by side. I really try to listen the best I can but I know if I run to the local stores to pick out the bumper, light or whatever it is that he has been eyeing, I am guaranteed to get the wrong one. That is why gift cards have become my best friends. I know he will find the thing he wants and that my money is well spent. I only wish I had thought of that before I bought the 3lb air compressor that barely blows the dust off the shelf it sits on. 

Give Back: At the end of the day the holidays are about spending time with the people you love. It is the perfect time to give back as a family. Our community has been recognized as one of the most giving areas in Canada, so let’s continue this tradition over the holidays. Why not make a donation to the Food Bank, the SPCA or any charity or organization that means something to you. 

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce
#304, 9612 Franklin Ave.
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2J9
T: 780-743-3100
F: 780-790-9757
To learn more about the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce visit:


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