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Enviro Week

How to Help at Home

Fort McMurray Environment Committee
BY Fort McMurray Environment Committee
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Join the Fort McMurray Environment Committee

The local group is currently seeking members to help them plan events in the community. Check out their Facebook page to learn more @FMECweek

Walk or Take the Bus

Though walking is not always an ideal solution in Fort McMurray’s winter season, the now-warmer temperatures make this environmentally-friendly approach an easy one. For city bus schedules, go to


Stop Using Single-Use Products

Straws, coffee cups, plastic cups, paper plates and plastic utensils are just a few of the many products with a single-use purpose. Drink from a cup. Bring your thermos to your favourite coffee shop and use washable dishware to help reduce waste.


Grow a Garden

Planting flowers in your yard not only adds curb appeal, it helps the bees. And, bees spread seeds through pollination. Also, organically growing your own vegetables is a win-win because you decide what goes on your plants and can reduce the use of harsh chemicals.


Recycle. Recycle. Recycle.

Not only does the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo provide curbside pick-up for residents, but there are also multi-businesses in Fort McMurray who provide recycling services:

  • Green Bottle Depot (170 Boreal Avenue) and Advanced Bottle Depot (8322 Fraser Avenue) swap your bottles and cans for cash.
  • Sunset Recycle & Sales (1 Sunset Boulevard) and Fort McMurray Metal Recycling (230 E Mackay Crescent) purchase scrap metal including copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel, electric cable, car batteries, aluminum, lead (batteries), starters and alternators.
  • TLC Recyclers is a company for businesses to properly dispose of mixed oils.


To learn more about recycling services in the RMWB, call the Recycling Hotline at 780-743-7000.