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During emergencies and disasters such as the wildfires, we turn to elected officials and other leaders for guidance and support. They create a framework that allows them to maintain a strong leadership role, while allowing the first responders to do their job. They ensure accurate information is given to the public, something that the province, country, and world were looking for during the weeks following the evacuation.

For this commemorative edition we’ve put together a collection of messages from our Mayor, Members of Legislative Assembly, Member of Parliament, Premier, and Prime Minister. Each and every one of them played a role during the wildfires, and we thank them for sharing their thoughts.



Message from The Premier of Alberta

The Honourable Rachel Notley
BY The Honourable Rachel Notley
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The wildfires in northern Alberta have left the residents of Fort McMurray and other northern communities with a number of challenges. Some left their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs.

As residents return to Fort McMurray and begin to rebuild, they will have to call on the strength they have shown so abundantly throughout this disaster – tremendous courage under the most difficult of circumstances.

The road ahead is a long one. There is still a lot of work to be done to rebuild Wood Buffalo. I encourage you to continue to support each other and work together as a community in the spirit that you have demonstrated over the last difficult weeks.

Every Albertan is incredibly grateful to our first responders. Their fast action, hard work, and dedication saved almost 90 per cent of this city and safely evacuated thousands of families.

I also to want to extend my sincere thanks to the municipal and provincial staff, Canadian Red Cross volunteers, and utility and energy companies for their tremendous efforts in our time of crisis. As an Albertan, it makes me proud to see so many parts of our community step forward. Your generosity, spirit, and commitment to community are sincerely appreciated.

In tough times, Albertans pull together. We address the challenges before us and emerge stronger as a whole. I am confident our provincial spirit will continue to shine brightly as Wood Buffalo rebuilds homes, businesses and communities.   Welcome home!