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Heel Health

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In this day and age of ‘self-care’, spending time to take proper care of yourself can be overwhelming to some, but essential to one’s happiness.

Achieve Wellness Spa is packaged as a one-stop shop of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. “Because it is a longer duration [that you spend at our facility], we find our clients are more relaxed and calmer when they leave us,” says TerriLynn Wheeler, Certified Esthetician at Achieve Wellness Spa.

With the extreme hot and cold temperatures, the residents of Wood Buffalo experience, the weather does a number on our skin, and our feet are no exception.

When speaking with TerriLynn, she presented three key steps to avoiding cracked heels: Moisturize, exfoliate, and cover. “The number one way is to hydrate and put socks on afterwards. If you don’t want to deal with the grease [during the day] from the lotion, moisturizing right before bed [is always a great option].”

Going to the salon for a pedicure doesn’t have to be a monthly appointment either. If you do some upkeep on your own, cracked heels can be prevented and even reversed with proper care. “Stopping by occasionally is extremely beneficial for your foot health. Some people don’t like scrubbing their feet with a paddle or have difficulties in doing so. This is a place where we will take care of you and do it for you.”

With the little sunshine that is gifted to us in the winter months, receiving the pedicure service is very therapeutic. Not only do you leave with baby smooth heels, but clients get to enjoy their pedicure while in front of big windows which let in the dancing rays of the sun.


Your McMurray Magazine’s freelance Writer, Touchable Beauty column creator, Brieanna McCutcheon, is a beginner shoe collector, Sephora enthusiast, and virtual online shopping basket filler who can’t stop loving life.