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Springtime in Paris

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The air is warming up and the cool breeze that has become a common comfort has subsided. It feels like spring in The Mac. 

I find myself at one of the local clothing stores in town, Drop Dead Darlings Clothing Boutique. I am here to meet with Jessica Lipton, the Events Manager extraordinaire for the Northern Lights Health Foundation. It’s going to be a fun-filled day of finding the perfect outfit for the special occasion: 2019’s Spring Fling.  

Something that comes to mind when planning to go to an event like this is what to wear.  “Everyone is getting really excited about it since we landed on springtime in Paris,” Jessica says. “We do a lot of brainstorming because we want something people can dress to, and at the same time, something that will have great décor for the function.”.

At first I think, ‘What is springtime in Paris? How do I dress for that?’. The idea seems so simple and fresh I invite it with open arms, but the more I think about it the less I think I know. I explain this to Jessica, and she adds in some insight to push out the doubt. “When I think of Paris and this gala, I think of lots of floral bright colours, lace, neck scarves. For men, I think of hushed tones of linen with pops of color here and there.”

Julie Tuccaro is the owner of Drop Dead Darlings, and today is Jessica’s personal shopper. “I love events like this. You get to dress up, get together as a community, and you’re able to catch up with people, all for a good cause.”

Eight outfits later, and Jessica had to narrow down her top picks. “Lucky for us here we know her and know her style. She looks great in fitted dresses…ruffles, lace, floral, French countryside. We help our clients dress for their body shape so they feel their best when they leave. It’s important we make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Jessica has a new vibe of relaxation which has washed over her after her purchases. “I was so stressed because I had nothing to wear and people kept asking me, ‘What will you be wearing?’”

The Spring Fling takes place on Saturday, March 16 at Shell Place with a semi-formal dress code in effect. After all, it is Parisian themed. When in Rome...

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Your McMurray Magazine’s freelance Writer, Touchable Beauty column creator, Brieanna McCutcheon, is a beginner shoe collector, Sephora enthusiast, and virtual online shopping basket filler who can’t stop loving life.