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Melanie Walsh

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Melanie Walsh

Age: 25

For Melanie Walsh deciding to pursue a career in journalism was apparent as she believed the power of storytelling could have a positive impact.

“I love being able to go to work every morning and help people get a good start to their day by sharing funny stories on-air or giving them the facts on current events and affairs,” said the 97.9 News Anchor and Co-host.

Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Walsh moved away to study journalism at Mount Royal University. During the four years in Calgary, she was homesick. The sense of community and security are things she missed most.

“I found myself writing about the region anyways, so it was only natural that I would move back to my hometown,” she said. “I always feel safe here and comfortable to talk to anyone.”

In the community, Walsh dedicates her volunteer time to the Santas Anonymous campaign and the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

She first got involved with Santas Anonymous in elementary school. By high school, she became the head leader for the initiative at Father Patrick Mercredi High School.

“I attend many events with the Santas Anonymous and always say it isn’t Christmas until I’ve packed a hamper,” she explained.

“I like to support the food bank by volunteering at their food drives. This year, I helped sort the food at their warehouse, and I’m also hosting a by-donation yoga class to collect additional items.”

Walsh is also an ambassador in supporting mental health and said self-care is the key to happiness.

“Life is too short, and we don’t always have all the answers or solutions to deal with some heavy stuff we have to deal with,” she said. “I believe it is important to learn how to manage our emotions so people can live healthier, happier and fuller lives.”

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? “It is what it is. My dad said this, and it helped me accept life and calm down and either kept me moving onto the next thing or just motivated me to try again.”