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Cameron Spring

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Cameron Spring

Age: 31

Cameron Spring never planned on growing up, at least in the traditional sense. As a pilot with Phoenix Heli-Flight,  a local helicopter charter company founded by his family in 1991, Spring doesn’t have to. “... The pure joy of flying helicopters makes me feel as though I haven’t had to grow up.”

A born and raised Fort McMurrayite, Spring considers our city as being “nestled in the forest yet modern, and evolved to support a massive economic undertaking.” Although he has lived and studied abroad in Switzerland, Brazil, and China, these international experiences reinforced his gratefulness for the opportunities here in the RMWB, and after completing his degree he returned to Fort McMurray.

Now Spring is Director of Safety and a pilot at Phoenix Heli-Flight, and spends his days surrounded by his family’s five dogs. These pups are one of Springs favourite parts of home, and the thing he misses the most in his travels. “They haven’t proven to be mature enough to have their own cell phones yet so I never know how they are when I’m away,” said Spring.

Spring is also a dedicated community volunteer. For him, community means, “looking out for and supporting one another, and giving back to the community that you get so much out of.” He volunteers with the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, the Local HERO Foundation, and the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. As if all this weren’t enough, Spring also commits his energy to training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Spring is grateful and honoured to be recognized amongst the Top 50 Under 50 Class of 2019. He plans to continue on the path he is on, gaining flight experience and giving back to the community. “Acknowledging and appreciating those that prosper in our region and strive to improve it is key to inspiring others to also advance while giving back.”

Who is your greatest mentor or hero? “My father; who I am fortunate enough to work with day in, day out.”