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Santo & Rajeanne Bianca

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Santo & Rajeanne Bianca

Ages: Santo 39, Rajeanne 37

Powered by strength in body, mind and the community where they operate their company Iron Camp Fitness, Santo and Rajeanne (Rae) Bianca seek to motivate others.

“The health and well-being of our community is our number one focus. As a health and fitness business owner and a healthcare provider, our goals have always been to help people become and stay healthy,” Santo said. “It has been our passion for as long as we can remember… Health and fitness is not just a job for us. It’s our life.”

The power duo keeps the health and well-being of residents in the forefront with Santo as the owner and operator of their fitness business and Rae also working as a Clinical Exercise Specialist at the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network.

Santo’s expertized background in gym training developed at age 18 when he joined the Canadian Armed Forces. After that, he continued a life of fitness by working in several gyms throughout his home province in Ontario.

The couple moved to Fort McMurray together in 2013. In the same year, Santo proposed to Rae, and both say it’s one of their best moments of being residents.

As for adjusting to a new place, Rae said it was hard in the beginning but never anticipated how much she would fall in love with it and having her new family witness their special moment changed her outlook.

“Moving far from home was the hardest for me because I am so close to my friends and family. But building Iron Camp together created a fitness family that I hadn’t anticipated, and I am forever grateful for,” she continued. “Having them join Bootcamp that day and witness our engagement was my best moment here because I realized what a great thing we were creating – our very own Fort McMurray family.”

The couple share their thanks to the community-at-large by hosting multiple fundraisers throughout the year for the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, clothing and donation drives for the Centre of Hope, FMSPCA Bootcamp fundraisers, the Poppy Fund fundraisers for the local Royal Canadian Legion and they also volunteer with Girl Guides to help children earn their fitness and health badges.

What’s one thing that you are really good at?
“Motivating others and pushing them beyond their mindsets that hold them back.”
Rae: “Creating custom crafts and decorative cookies and being a good friend – so, I’m told.”