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Victor Wiley

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Victor Wiley

Age: 34

Local Boston Pizza franchise owner Victor Wiley was born and raised in Fort McMurray and “couldn’t be happier to say so.”

At 16 years old, Wiley started a job at Boston Pizza and enjoyed it so much that he never left. Growing up, he wanted to become a highschool teacher but soon changed his mind when he was granted the opportunity to join BP’s management team.

In the community, he is actively involved in extracurricular activities for youth and volunteers with Fort McMurray Minor Hockey, the Clearwater Horse Club and past Alberta Winter Games.

“Sports, music, arts – anything to engage a child mentally, physically or emotionally will help them become better as they grow,” he said.

“Having played team sports, I believe you can learn so much,” he said. “It takes dedication, commitment, communication, teamwork and accountability. With my career, we can try and help fund sport through a variety of ways.”

The local Boston Pizza team knows how to give back as it hosts regular fundraisers and initiatives for residents in the community.

“I love this city,” Wiley shared. “It’s all I have ever known, and it has everything I need for my family. I see many people I grew up with, guests at work that have come to us for years, and it’s familiar.”

With his wife and son also both Fort McMurray born, he said he doesn’t take any of the people in the city for granted and values the support in opportunities.

“This community has given me so much from the moment I was born,” he said. “My job, my friends, my experiences are all made possible by this community. And now, it’s my family’s turn to give back to the community we love.”

What advice would you offer to someone interested in moving to the Wood Buffalo region? “Move here, immediately. Be active in the community by using the facilities and surrounding areas that we have and give back to it what you can.”