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Robbie Picard

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Robbie Picard

Age: 42

Robbie Picard moved to Fort McMurray around 15 years ago. He came here penniless with nothing more than an idea of what it would take to turn his life around and become successful.

Although the path was difficult, Picard managed to work his way up from pushing a California Bingo coffee cart to owning his own company: Robbie Picard Media.

“I wanted to be a business owner so that I could determine my own path in life,” said Picard.

One of Canada’s best-known oil sands activists, Picard promotes the region through media and events. He planned and executed two large-scale events entitled We Love the Oil Sands, and he has continuously stood up for his beliefs and the interests of Fort McMurray’s oil industry.

For Picard, the fondest memory of his activism in the region was during an exchange with celebrity Jane Fonda.

“The sheer satisfaction of the faces of the people in the community” stands out in Picard’s memory.

“Protecting the reputation and the longevity of the oil sands is my #1 cause which I have dedicated a large portion of my life to. If we don’t take this seriously, our way of life will die the death of a thousand cuts,” said Picard of his activism.

Picard also produces Visit Fort McMurray, a video series that showcases all that is happening in Fort McMurray. With more than 100 episodes, and almost one million views, Picard is proudly sharing the stories of what this amazing region is doing.

If Picard could offer any advice to people planning to move to Fort McMurray, it would be this: “Don’t come here too cocky or think that because you come from a bigger place that you are somehow superior to the talent that is already here.  If you love Fort McMurray, Fort McMurray will love you back. It’s an easy place to call home.”

Who is your greatest mentor or hero? “Over the course of my life, I’ve had one consistent friend. His name is Spero. He’s taught me patience and integrity are the most important things to be successful in business. He also taught me that it’s OK to love your dogs.”
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