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Jianhonghu (Vincent Hu)

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Jianhonghu (Vincent Hu)

Age: 44

Sushi lovers know to go to Fuji Japanese Restaurant to not only have the best authentic dishes in Fort McMurray but to see Vincent Hu.

Working as management at the local sushi eatery, Hu is a familiar face around the place as his robust personality sets the tone for entertainment with his exceptional hospitality and affable humour.

Whether his customers are hosting an intimate occasion or a lunch meeting, Hu knows how to deliver fantastic service. He also has a talent for transforming traditional sushi platters into candied treats for dessert, and he’s very good at singing Happy Birthday.

“Fort McMurray is a nice community, and there are lots of job opportunities in town,” he said. Hu shared he misses “my workplace and my customers” the most when he’s away from Fort McMurray.

As for Fuji’s regulars, they describe the restaurant as having a home-like feel, and credit Hu as being like a family member.

“Fuji feels like family, every time I go there,” stated Jeremy Bourboing in a review. “The staff is easily the best part of this establishment as they make every visit a special one, which is saying a lot because their food is incredible.”

Gareth Norris also shared in a review that Hu makes Fuji’s feel more than just another place to eat.

“Always great good and an even greater welcome, every time,” he stated. “Vincent makes Fuji’s more than just a place to eat. Ask him for a Saki bomb, just make sure you have a ride home.”

What’s one thing that you are really good at? “Making sushi.”