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Taylor Pope

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Taylor Pope

Age: 29

Taylor Pope grew up as an incredibly shy kid in a small town in Ontario, which is why his career in radio has continued to surprise the people he grew up with.

“Even now as an adult, I’m not the most talkative person but put a microphone in front of me and I’ll talk your ear off, especially if we’re talking sports,” he said. 

Sports have always been Pope’s passion and are the reason he chose a career in broadcasting although, as a little kid, he had high hopes of being an NHL player.

“When I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I wanted to become a play-by-play announcer for an NHL team.” 

Today, he hosts a morning show on Country 93.3. He’s grateful to Fort McMurray for the opportunities it has allowed him in his career. 

“My career in radio has really progressed during my five years here, which is one of the things that I am most thankful for,” he said. 

One thing Pope is as passionate about as sports is animals. Together, he and his wife Jennifer have three dogs and a cat. 

“They’re such amazing creatures and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.” 

Pope has been the voice of the Fort McMurray Oil Barons the past four years and while he’s traveling and away from home his pets are what he misses most, second to his wife, of course.

“To have four animals greet you as you walk in the door every day and be so excited to see you, it makes you miss them when you’re away,” Pope shared.

In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering in the community and, with his wife Jennifer, spends a lot of time helping with Santas Anonymous during the holidays.

As for what the future holds, he takes things day by day. 

“This community has given me more than I ever could have imagined. Being able to call Fort McMurray home means a lot to me.”

Who is your greatest hero or mentor? “My Dad.”