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Andrew Wilcox

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Andrew Wilcox

Age: 39

Andrew Wilcox is an Alberta farm kid who followed his dream of making it into radio all around the province and country.

“I came to Fort McMurray almost six years ago to continue that journey and have fallen in love with this place,” said Wilcox.

As a kid, Wilcox dreamed of becoming a rockstar, and then eventually a radio host.

“I wanted to be a radio host because I wasn’t a good rockstar.”

Today, he is the Program Director for 100.5 Cruz FM and Mix 103.7. With a passion for music and for keeping people informed, Wilcox plans to continue the journey that brought him here.

“This community contains an incredible amount of hard working, creative and driven people for its size and it’s humbling to be considered as one among them,” he said.

Although he is not a fan of the Fort McMurray winters, he said; “You can’t love day without night.”

The hot summers with their long days of endless sunshine counterbalance the winters for Wilcox. His summer days are best spent on the river or attending concerts and festivals in town.

Most recently, he recalled a stunning and unique Fort McMurray experience as a favourite memory, when “the Northern lights came out during Wintersleep’s performance at Ribfest.” 

As for the future, Andrew hopes that five years from now he’ll still be playing music and keeping the community informed.

“We should all use the gifts and talents we have in service of people as a whole.”

Where is your favourite place to eat in YMM? “Any place with fried chicken.”