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Chelsi Ryan

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Chelsi Ryan

Age: 26

Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Chelsi Ryan spends her days teaching fifth graders that learning is fun, athletics are important, and being weird is the best thing you can be.

For Ryan, growing up in Fort McMurray was comprised of long winters spent spinning tubes and coaching kids at Vista Ridge All Seasons Park. Quips Ryan,“before it was all seasons!”

This sparked her passion for recreation, sport, and tourism in the Wood Buffalo region, and led to a lifelong dedication to the community here.

Although Ryan’s first dream was to be a surgeon, and despite a psychic’s prediction that she would one day be a doctor, she found her passion in the classroom, educating children.

“There is nothing more fulfilling, or powerful, than spending my day with our community’s kids. They have so much energy, passion, and joy in their hearts and you have the ability to spend your day building them up. What an absolute honour,” said Ryan.

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to build community, develop new knowledge, or offer advice and support for others, She prides herself on her commitment to leadership, education, and sport recreation opportunities in the region.

A Keyano graduate with a Bachelor of Elementary Education, and current Masters of Education, Interdisciplinary Studies student, there is no mistaking Ryan’s passion for learning.

Her love of sport and youth sport development don’t go neglected, either, as she has coached basketball and run club for her elementary students. She’s also a volunteer, and holds the position of Director-at-Large for the 2022 Arctic Winter Games to be hosted in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. This year she is also working with her school’s Jump Rope for Heart committee, focusing on heart health for students.

Ryan hopes to continue along the path she’s on, education and inspiring children. She hopes over the years her family thrives together, and she hopes that one day, maybe, her dog will no longer have accidents indoors.

Who is your greatest hero or mentor? “My dad. That man can shoulder anything and come out the other side with his integrity and strength.”