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Dustin Nokohoo

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Dustin Nokohoo

Age: 35

Dustin Nokohoo is a family man and devotes his life to them through the community by providing athletic opportunities and training to youth.

“I dedicate myself to my family. I want them to have a great life with me in it,” said Nokohoo, HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Manager at TDN Contracting Ltd.

“I want to be that person that they look up to and want to be around. So, if I help work with my community, I might be able to help it grow and provide better lifestyles for my kids when they get older.”

His selfless attitude put him on the volunteer board at the Janvier Sekweha Youth Centre, where he coaches children in sports like hockey and baseball.

Nokohoo is Dene from Chipewyan Prairie First Nation. He was born in Fort McMurray and grew up in Fort McMurray and Janvier, moving back and forth between communities for school.

As a Father Patrick Mercredi High School graduate, he spent a decade working in the SAGD (Steam-assisted gravity drainage) plants before landing a position for TDN Contracting, which is a Chipewyan Prairie First Nation owned company based in Janvier.

“This is my home and community. This is where my family is from and proud to call it home,” he said on working in Janvier. “I put a lot of effort in my work because the better that I do, the better the company does and it will flow back towards my Nation for the community.”

When Nokohoo isn’t working, he’s playing sports for leisure and teaching sports to his community members.

“I like to play various sports like hockey, slo-pitch and golf,” he shared. “With my love of these sports, I try to teach the youth how important sports can be in their lives. I have a wife and three kids, so helping out where I can in the community is sometimes difficult, but we make it happen.”

Who is your greatest mentor or hero? “My family. I can’t name just one.”