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Heather Kutanzi

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Heather Kutanzi

Age: 36

Heather Kutanzi grew up on her family farm in Grassy Lake in Southern Alberta. As the oldest of four siblings, she was her father’s right-hand girl in the field.

Her early beginnings taught her the importance of hard work and family values. As a young girl, she wanted to grow up to be someone who could help others.

“I’m sure there was a point in time that I wanted to be a rock star or something, but I think the best part of my day is when I can tell a client that we were able to help with their dreams or goals or plan a good strategy to save some tax dollars, and be able to share that with their families,” said the Business Advisor/Partner at MNP LLP, which is a national accounting firm.

With an education from the University of Lethbridge and experience from starting a small firm, Kutanzi received an opportunity to become a partner with MNP in Fort McMurray and moved to the city with her husband in 2012.

“I remember once deciding to move to Fort McMurray how many people told me such negative things about moving here,” she said. “We had a great life in Lethbridge – great careers, wonderful friends and were close to family, so it was tough to make such a big change. But something adventurous inside of me wanted to strive for greatness.”

Today, she’s a mother of two Fort McMurray-born boys aged six and three, who she calls the “sunshine of her life” and loves the simple joys of working in a field she was destined to do while raising her family.

“Fort McMurray is such a wonderful place as it allows young, motivated people the chance to show what they can do early in their careers,” she said. “I grew up with good values and enjoy the simple pleasures like taking my boys to the park and spending time outdoors.”

How do you describe Fort McMurray to others? “It is a beautiful place with tons of opportunities, fun things to do, lots of support from industry for amenities and still has a small-town feel. There is such a diverse culture here with such an accepting community.”