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Jason King

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Jason King

Age: 41

Jason King lives his passion every day through his profession as the Executive Director at Some Other Solutions (SOS), and as an Executive Coach within his Executive Coaching business.

“I’m a big believer in understanding who people are, what makes them tick and helping them unlock their fullest potential, so they can shine personally and professionally.”

Some Other Solutions is a crisis prevention centre and a social profit organization that helps provide assistance to residents living in the Wood Buffalo region.

Established in 1986, it was originally conceived as a Suicide Prevention Program operated by the Family and Community Support Service. It has since evolved into an organization of many services and programs from a 24-hour Helpline service to providing youth mentoring.

“My passion is working with individuals and businesses in the area of leadership development, creating a space where people can step into their full selves, truly knowing who they are becoming their best selves. Nothing excites me more than walking a journey with someone, where at the beginning they have a goal, but unsure how to attain it,” King explained.

“When you journey with them, and they finally reach the space they envision for themselves – it’s amazing to watch them approach life with a new level of empowerment and confidence.”

When King is not working at SOS or volunteering as a Jiu-jitsu instructor at Bowman’s Mixed Martial Arts, he’s advocating the fight against bullying at school and in the workplace.

“I hate the effects bullying has on both young people and adults. It has effects that can last for years,” he said. “One would think that once leaving high school, you leave the bully. But, far too often you enter a world – the workplace – where, unfortunately, it is prevalent. No one deserves to live under such circumstances.”and a stronger innovative leader.

What does it mean to you to be a part of this community? Proud! The Wood Buffalo region has many great people. We are strong, and, in the years, have overcome many challenges. This region has made me a better, more resilient person and a stronger innovative leader.