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Erica Moeskau

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Erica Moeskau

Age: 31

Tucked inside the little logging village of Tahsis on Vancouver Island is perhaps the place where Erica Moeskau discovered her robust sense of humour.

Moeskau is a local comedian and works as an account manager at Country 93.3 and 97.9 ROCK. From a very young age she knew that she wanted to get into advertising, but also had a natural ability to entertain.

“I always said when I grow up, I want to make commercials, and my mom would say what a weird thing for a kid to say,” she laughed. “I think I like getting the message out, or having a payoff, in such a short amount of time. It’s the same thing that attracted me to start improv and stand-up comedy. There are 1000 ways to say the same thing and one best way to say it to your intended audience.”

By age 12, Moeskau with her family moved to High River, Alberta, where she played high school rugby at a provincial and national level. After graduation, she moved to Hamilton, Ontario, to obtain an advanced diploma in Advertising. It was in Queensland, Australia, where she completed her degree in Communications.

Of all the places she’s travelled to, she said she landed her dream job selling advertising campaigns with the radio stations in Fort McMurray. On the side, she started planning her own comedy shows and has been making a brand for herself since 2016. By 2018, she became a mom and is currently planning her wedding for February 2020.

As for her life in the comedy world, Moeskau explains how one great thing about this passion, is getting to use it on stage to normalize the conversation of mental health.

“Stand-up comedy gives me a platform to talk about uncomfortable topics like mental health,” she said. “It allows me to deliver messages in a way that people are more accepting of with humour. Talking and joking about things we aren’t supposed to may positively affect someone in the audience.”

Who is your greatest mentor or hero?  “Gail Bibeau is such a strong role model. She has been through so much and is always so positive.”