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William Clarke and L. Elliott Pierre

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William Clarke & L. Elliott Pierre

Age: William 34, Elliott 35

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
William: We are all friends, we just don’t know it yet. Elliott: Failure is not an option.

William Clarke and Elliott Pierre have very different backgrounds.

William grew up in a military family, and moved all around Ontario before joining the Canadian Armed Forces as a young adult. In 2008, on the strength of a phone conversation, William left his old life, moved Fort McMurray, and began working in the Oil Sands. “Fort McMurray seemed like a place of opportunity. A place where whatever you want to be, you can be.”

Elliott on the other hand, is a born and raised Fort McMurrian. He loved growing up in Fort McMurray. After finishing college, he began his career in Human Resources. Over the years, due to his drive to do something creative and different, Elliott transitioned into a community relations and marketing career.

These two paths converged when Elliott had noticed William on social media, became very interested in the work he was doing, and visited Aurakey Digital Agency as a client. “I needed some help as a client, but it was really a recon mission,” Elliott explained. After that initial meeting, it only took about a week for Elliott to officially join Aurakey, and the rest is history.

When William and Elliott get going, you can see the chemistry between them. They feed off of each other’s energy, and creative ideas start to flow. Elliott will be quick to tell you, “We drive our partners insane! When I get home and tell my wife about all the things we are getting up to, she thinks we are crazy.”

“We have become idea factories… We have started trying to become less impulsive with our ideas, because even though they are all good ideas, we need to be strategic,” William explains.

Aurakey Digital Agency is creating new and exciting content around the city. From their client work, to partnerships with nonprofit agencies, and their own content, they are giving Fort McMurray a voice in the digital space. William and Elliott take pride in bringing attention to our community. They try very hard to “showcase Fort McMurray as not just a place to work that is hurting because of the economy, but an awesome community where great things are happening.”