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Vanessa Chauhan

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Vanessa Chauhan

Age: 28

What’s your favourite local restaurant?
Surekha’s on the Snye! That La Bella sandwich gets me!

Vanessa Chauhan grew up in Stony Plain, Alberta. You wouldn’t guess it when you see her but she was a huge tomboy growing up. She played a lot of different sports, even football. Fast forward a few years and Vanessa has been representing Fort McMurray in the Miss Universe Canada competition from 2015 - 2018.

When Vanessa isn’t hosting or producing on Shaw TV, she is most likely volunteering for a worthy cause. Vanessa has a passion for putting together charity events and campaigns raising funds for causes she cares about. Over the past four years, Vanessa has raised almost $35,000 for charities such as Operation Smile Canada Foundation, the Canadian Red Cross, United Nations Association of Canada, and recently SOS Children’s Villages. If she isn’t hosting the event she is volunteering at it, taking part in numerous events across the city.

Vanessa has been awarded for her volunteer efforts as well. In 2016, Vanessa received the Citizen Recognition Award from the RMWB Mayor and Council. When asked why she volunteers so much she explains, “I am just so empathetic. My heart breaks when I see these stories of people in need, and I know that we need to do something to help. ”

She credits this attitude to her parents, who she says, taught her the importance of giving back. “My parents went without to help us and still gave to others… I saw their struggle and no matter what they had, even when it was almost nothing, they always gave to others. This is a great community, and We need to give to make our communities better.”