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Sherri Herman

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Sherri Herman

Age: 42

What’s your favourite movie?
The Notebook and Disney’s Moana

Sherri Herman moved to Fort McMurray when she was only four-years-old. She is a proud member of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation and has spent her whole life closely linked between the two communities.

She has raised her family here, keeping her Dene values and traditions alive, a very important aspect of Sherri’s life, and it’s the time spent with her family and friends that make the most beautiful memories for her.

“Our true northern beautify has a way to calm your spirit and fulfill you with its exquisite calmness,” she says. “Working a very fast-paced and stressful job, I always enjoy time spent on the land with family and friends, from our Boreal Forest, to our vast rivers, our traditional land and our amazing northern lights.”

Sherri is the CEO and co-owner of Dene Sky Site Services Ltd., a company she established with her husband 13 years ago, and is a board member of Dene North Site Services. They recently entered into an exclusive partnership between Dene Sky Services Ltd. and North American Enterprise Ltd. forming a new partnership, Dene North Site Services...a strategic alliance to form two strong companies to execute large projects within Northern Alberta.

The work Sherri and her husband do in the community as a business and at a personal level is important to her, and giving back to their Indigenous communities and their Fort McMurray home are something she values greatly.

The future of Fort McMurray is bright, according to Sherri. “We are a leading community in Canada,” she says. “We lead by our love for one another, we lead by the strength that we share, and support we pass from one hand to the other.”